A NEW ERA – Our Journey to Sustainability.

The most obvious and important feature to LussoGREEN is the effect it has on our future generations and the Environment.


LussoGREEN occupies an unrivalled position at the very Apex of Luxury Sustainable Park Homes and Lodges. As our pinnacle product, it represents the very best of Lusso Lodges. A perfect blend of Vision, Creativity and Patience.

We have retained every feature on the Model Hendaise and seamlessly integrated LussoGREEN features subtly, yet environmentally friendly and meaningfully throughout the different sizes available.

Sustainable Living is becoming more and more spoken about, and Lusso Lodges are in the lead. Once a Concept and now a reality. LussoGREEN is incomparable and redefines the parameters of luxury park homes and lodges.

The launch of LussoGREEN marked the beginning of a journey – a journey that is now gathering pace. We remain on track to achieve all the goals we have set so far, so to follow our progress and be among the first to know when we reach each new milestone, please sign up below.

Creating Net Zero Lodges was always something we committed to long before the company was formed. Our ambitious destination that sees LUSSO LODGES becoming the most sustainable luxury Park Home and Lodge manufacturer in UK.


LussoGREEN – Unrivalled Capabilities – Available in 2023
Embracing a Sustainable Philosophy, LussoGREEN effortlessly provides you the power you need
Completely Energy Independent